Скачать Chris de Burgh - Anthology 1975-2010 (2011)

Chris de Burgh - Anthology 1975-2010 (2011)

Исполнитель: Chris de Burgh
Альбом: Anthology 1975-2010
Жанр: Pop, Rock
Год выпуска: 2011
Кол-во композиций: 92
Время звучания: 394 Min
Битрейт: 320 kbps
Размер: 982 Mb

01. Brother John
02. One Word (Straight To The Heart)
03. The Same Sun
04. The Rivers Of Abraham
05. Without You
06. A Woman's Heart
07. Guilty Secret
08. High On Emotion
09. Blonde Hair, Blue Jeans
10. The Leader- The Vision- What About Me
11. Last Night
12. Living In The World
13. Love's Got A Hold On Me
14. Lonely Sky
15. Taking It To The Top
16. Saint Peter's Gate
17. Shadow And Lights

01. Love and Time
02. Ship To Shore
03. Sealed With A Kiss
04. The Ecstasy Of Flight (I Love The Night)
05. Sailing Away
06. The Journey
07. Waiting For the Hurricane
08. The Words I Love You
09. Footsteps
10. The Light On the Bay- Have A Care- For Two Days and Nights
11. The Storyman
12. Everywhere I Go
13. This Weight On Me
14. I Want It (And I Want It Now!)
15. The Ballroom Of Romance
16. The Last Time I Cried
17. Fire On The Water
18. The Traveller
19. When I Think Of You

01. Don't Pay The Ferryman
02. Man On The Line
03. Tender Hands
04. Read My Name
05. The Lady in Red (1995)
06. American Pie
07. Save Me
08. Bal Masque
09. Carry On
10. If Beds Could Talk
11. By My Side
12. Lebanese Night
13. Sailor
14. Missing You
15. The Long And Winding Road
16. Girl
17. We Can Work It Out
18. Timing is Everything
19. Where Peaceful Waters Flow
20. Tonight
21. Sight and Touch

01. A Night On The River
02. Borderline
03. Don't Look Back
04. A Spaceman Came Travelling
05. Heart Of Darkness
06. Eastern Wind
07. My Father's Eyes
08. Say Goodbye To It All
09. The Best That Love Can Be
10. She Must Have Known
11. The Snows of New York
12. Crusader
13. The Escape
14. I'm Going Home
15. People of the World
16. Five Past Dreams
17. Carry Me (Like A Fire In Your Heart)
18. In Dreams

01. This Silent World
02. Something Else Again
03. This Waiting Heart
04. A Celebration
05. Every Drop of Rain
06. The Lady In Red
07. The Getaway
08. What You Mean To Me
09. The Last Moments Of The Dawn
10. Africa
11. Shine On
12. The Mirror Of The Soul
13. Separate Tables
14. I'm Not Crying Over You
15. Just In Time
16. I Will
17. Nothing Ever Happens Round Here
18. There's Room in This Heart Tonight
19. One More Mile To Go

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